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What Do We Mean by “Modern”?

August 15, 2012

“Cityscape” (1939) by Tullio Crali, an Italian Futurist

Welcome! I hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I wanted to let you know about a few items before we meet on Monday, August 27, at 12:50 pm in Whitehead 519.

1) Please download the course syllabus here and review it before the first class. We will go over it together, but it would be good to look it over beforehand.

2) There are three books required for this class, which will are available at the Brooklyn College bookstore (you can also click on the Bentley and the Fulcher to go to the Amazon page for each; the current edition of Shaping of the Modern World is not available on Amazon):

3) Lastly, you also have a very brief assignment for the first class. (No worries–it doesn’t require any reading!) Using the “Leave a Comment” function below, respond to the following questions:

This course is called “Shaping of the Modern World.” But do we even know the word “modern” means? What does it mean to say that a society or a nation is not modern (i.e. “backward”)? Who or what determines what is and what is not modern? And is there something distinctively “Western” about the idea of “modernity”?

Everyone in the course is required to provide an answer of at least a paragraph. Ideally, you should follow the guidelines for posting on the course website, which you find here, or on pages five and six of the syllabus.

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  1. Nataliya Chornobryvets permalink
    August 18, 2012 11:18 am

    When I think about word “modern” I see the chain “time – change – modern”. We call something “modern” relatively to time period, so one object can have two characteristics – modern and outdated (or ancient). Also, the word “modern” implies change and progress.
    A society is not modern when it has weak economy – industry, market, science, and technology are not developed in comparison with modern society. Social protection, medical service, and education are not established well and properly. Politicians are corrupted. The level of crime is high. Who determines what is modern and what is not? – People, who think that their society is modern.
    I find difficulty in replying on the last question.
    Nataliya Chornobryvets.

  2. Shayna Wolf permalink
    August 24, 2012 12:50 am

    To me, modern means keeping up to date with society. It means that if a new method of doing everyday activities were to be created or improved, then a modern person or nation would have knowledge of it and might consider using it, depending on the benefits. To be modern is to use new technology, equipment, techniques, and other improvements to keep up to date with the rest of society, which is always finding easier ways to do things. To be backwards is to not accept new methods that improve or simplify things such as farming, producing items, communicating, traveling, or even thinking. I think that society as a whole determines what is modern. They decide what is acceptable or not. If society decides that there is an improved way of doing things, then those who do not follow it are considered being behind. When I think of what western means, I think of new. For example, there is Europe, which, in history, always strived to colonize and imperialize by searching for new ways to expand, improve, and gain power. Therefore, I would say that modern and western go hand in hand. Overall, to me, modern means improvements and advancements.

    Shayna Wolf

  3. Sundes Ambreen permalink
    August 24, 2012 7:02 pm

    To say that a certain nation is modern means that it is advancing in many ways. It is on a path of progression, not regression. It can make progress in its technology, democracy, education, etc. It tries to better people’s lives with new ideas and inventions. To say that a nation is not modern would mean that rather than instilling the newfound ideas, laws, inventions, etc., it adheres to its olden methods.
    People define what is modern and what is not. Whatever makes their lives easier is modern for them. That is why a lot of people believe that the West is modern because it is the West that came with new ideas, laws, gadgets, and inventions to better people’s lives.

    Sundes Ambreen

  4. Kashef Razi permalink
    August 25, 2012 1:38 am

    The way i see the word modern would be that it is something current, something that is at this time the most advanced. To be modern is to have and use the most advanced technology, plans, and rules that is seen today. When it is said that a nation is not modern it means that the nation is not at the level of technology, thinking, and organization as other nations. It means that their society struggles to catch up to the more advanced nations. I believe the people as a whole decide on how modern their society is or will become. It all depends on how the people want change for the better of their lives as well as others in their society. I think people believe that being modern means being western. The meaning behind this is that since many recent as well as olden advancements originated from the west, so being like the west is being modern in this sense.

    Kashef Razi

  5. Joseph DeAngelo permalink
    August 25, 2012 12:40 pm

    We, as a uniform group of people who color in the world, do not fully know what the word “modern” means in light of its infinite nature. Debatably, one may argue modernity lies in direct accordance with the Industrial Revolution, or at some other particular time; however, ever since the very beginning of mankind we have been formulating, changing and pioneering modernity as we know it. Charles Baudelaire, a French poet, wrote the following: “Modernity is the transient, the fleeting, the contingent; it is one half of art, the other being the eternal and immovable.” He is suggesting that the subjectively viewed topic, modernity, is partially understood by the present, yet masked by the past and future. Thereby, it is not fully understood–or at least not yet.
    Saying that a nation is not modern means the country is not collectively up-to-date or resourcefully equivalent with technologic, socio-economic, scientific, and industrial advancements, as is other countries (e.g. the United States). It is not that these countries choose to not modernize themselves, it is that they are not capable of doing so. Yet, these “backward” nations have undoubtedly modernized in their own way, albeit much slower and less effective comparatively. Having said that, the people who bring an identity to the word modern are the people who we accept to believe what they are saying. Nevertheless, the only people who should deservedly identify modernity are those who live in their nation. Modernization is changeable and hotly subjective all across the world; thus, only the people who live in their own “modern” country should say what is and what isn’t. In so far as paralleling modernity with “Western” culture, it’s accurate to do so taking into account the socially accepted significances of life upon which (take for example) Americans focus. Granted there are many unmentioned topics that come into play in this statement, Americans are magnetically drawn towards money, power, self-benefitting progression, etc.–all of which are auxiliary to modernity. Altogether, “modern” is a topic which is viewed differently by everyone effected by it and modernity is an ongoing process which effects everyone on this earth, for better or worse.

    Joseph DeAngelo

  6. Irena Pergjika permalink
    August 26, 2012 1:09 am

    When I think of the word modern I think of something new, different, complex, in short
    a much more interesting version of something that previously existed.

    We are surrounded by modern things daily, let it be at work, at home, or commuting from one place to another. For example the subway; if we take a look back a few years ago we would see the big difference between today’s trains and the trains of the past. Now, when we enter a train, there’s air-conditioning, new seats, they are for the most part clean, there’s a computerized voice speaking through the speakers announcing the next stop, the stations blinking above our heads signaling all the stops the train makes, and many more modern upgrades unlike the old trains ever had.
    On a bigger scale, the word modern has multiple applications beyond technology. For example, it can be defined through culture and customs. The freedom and rights that are found in the United States of America are not necessarily found in different parts of the world. Taking the Middle East as an example, in Saudi Arabia people live in accordance with Sharia law, derived from their Holy Scriptures and religious customs written hundreds of years ago which never changed, as opposed to our laws being based on the Common Law of England which changed over time. Many of the laws we have are not shared with the middle east but are expanded to fit better with our “modern” lives, like the ability for women to walk around without covering parts of their bodies or unable to express themselves openly. We can not say whether a nation is modern or not because what the definition of modern might mean to us does not necessarily apply to other nations or societies. That is due to the different worldviews we all possess which are shaped by the country we live in.
    Ever since the United States was founded, through it’s exploits it has always aimed to accumulate the most power, money, and influence, beyond anything that other countries could achieve. This ensured it’s one of a kind status, giving the United States what other countries lack. Thanks to this influence, we end up considering ourselves to be more modern than others.

  7. Fabiola Ramos permalink
    August 26, 2012 1:40 pm

    The word “modern” means advance and up to date. For a nation to be modern it must move away from traditional views and explore new ideas. The economy plays a huge role on how modern a nation can be. If the nation is doing well financially it will be able to make advancements and explore with techonlogy. Architecture also changes as time goes by therefore it is up to the nation to keep up with time and make changes in the architecture to make new buildings which would be drastically different from previous buildings. Society determines what is modern. When peoeple see new things being created they automatically classify it as “modern”. When people compare present objects to obects in the past they give the present objects which were recently created the name “modern” and the old objects the name “ancient”. I can see how people will associated modernity with western culture but the term modern can varry from person to person and some countries can have a different idea of what it means to be modern.

  8. Victoria Karcz permalink
    August 26, 2012 8:14 pm

    The significance of the word “modern” is its relevance to present day. It is socially acknowledged that something considered to be modern, is up to date. That being said, what is modern may simply be an innovation that emerged from an outdated object, idea and so on. The word as a whole can be used in multiple contexts ranging from worldly issues such as modern politics and economics to material items. We as people are a modernized version of our ancestors, and our developing lives are frankly excerpts of the past with new touches. Inventions are modern but only to the extent of improving an article in existence, as that may be an object or an aspect of life. In whichever way the word “modern” is taken into context it will always signify present day and stand as a platform for the future. On the contrary, a society or nation that is not modern is one that is undeveloped, however not necessarily by choice. An undeveloped nation falls short to modern, developed, countries which are prevalently advanced and maintain the potential to further their advancement. These undeveloped countries surely have their own definition of modernity, but in comparison to “modern” countries, they do not pertain to a well-rounded political or economic system, nor do they level with developed countries technological and industrial advancements. These backward countries are referred to as Third World countries, including almost all of Africa and Latin America along with a portion of Asia. Due to the circumstances that guide these countries, First World countries serve as an aid and source for their development. Monthly donations can be made by the citizens of the United States to feed and medically support children in Third World countries.

    Each individual nation is entitled to its own definition of what is or is not modern. Something that is considered modern in one nation may not be attainable in a less developed nation, and is therefore beyond their modern standard. Within a nation, its newest and most developed aspects are those which are modern for that particular nation. Nevertheless, each nation defines “modern” solely on its structure. On account of the various meanings behind modern, no single individual could state what is or is not modern for an entire society. What is modern will always be debatable.

    Western civilizations were developing at a more modern level throughout history, as opposed to eastern civilizations. Consequently, modernity could be paired with a western background. Western ideals are being incorporated into less developed countries, in hope to establish stable societies. Moreover, western technology was always considered more modern and advanced in respect to other countries of the world. Nonetheless, there is a great amount of correlation between what is “Western” and the idea of “Modernity.”

  9. Khansa Mansoor permalink
    August 26, 2012 9:26 pm

    The word “modern” means being up to date. It is like saying that something (in this case society) is fully advanced. If the society is not up to date, that means that they may be lacking financially, in technology, medicine, or other factors that have been found/made in other countries. Society itself determines what is modern and what isn’t. Individuals from other countries as well people from the same country can decide that- as long as they have an idea of how the rest of the world is doing, the people can decide if they are “modern” or not. If other countries are highly developed and following up with the latest ideas and inventions and one country in particular isn’t, then it can be said that that country is not “modern”. It has been said that new ideas come from the West, so that might be something distinctive about “modernity”.

  10. August 26, 2012 10:03 pm

    Everything in this word has a history, a background. The way we define a word has its roots. The word modern would be an example of this. There are those who define modern as being technically advanced while others define the word as an adjective to relate to time. From a personal perspective, I would define it as something that is up to date. For example when we say we have a modern car, we do not mean we have a 20th century car, it means our car is up to date. When we relate this ideology to a society or nation, we can say that a nation is moving forward. A better to approach this would be to look at the smaller picture ― the people. The people are us. The people steer a nation towards its future, the future which we now call modern.

  11. Syed Tazim permalink
    August 27, 2012 12:26 am

    To me the word “Modern” means is being recent and trendy. It also means latest and popular. A society is not modern is when the society is not following the recent inventions and the society is not trendy and popular. A society is not modern when it is not inventing new inventions and also economically not growing. An example,In the eastern country’s specially in south east Asia, typical women clothing are Sari/Saree and Selwar kamiz.In those country’s if a women wears jeans and t-shirts or any other western dress such as skirt are called modern women. women who wears sari or selwar kamiz are called traditional women. From this example, my understanding is if somebody follows something trendy then that’s modern and if something is traditional then that’s backdated.Modern society is being the leader and lead the rest of the world in your way. I think innovation is the main key of modern society. A society is modern by using the innovation and becoming the leader so that all other society follows them. A society is not fully modern when they are not innovative and when they are following other society because when they reach the modern stage may be the other society has invented something new to be more civilized.western civilization is followed threw out the world that’s why i think it it has something distinctive about modernity.

  12. Xing Hui (Richard) Lu permalink
    August 27, 2012 8:44 am

    Now we have the idea of people, and there are different types of people. We have different views on different topics, and different traditions. In the west, the idea of modernity is more liberal. This is probably one of the few reasons the west is very distinctive among the other regions of the globe.

  13. Peter Fiorentino permalink
    August 27, 2012 10:51 am

    I feel like Modern is a term that is used to describe a time period within the last 50 years. A point in the past stop being sonsidered modern when the technology from it is no longer useful or considered the “latest thing”. We as a people decide what is and is not modern. Once we accept something as a time period that we cannot relate to it is no longer a modern time period. I don’t think modernity is something that is mostly a Western philosophy. It is relevant in almost any soceity that is well developed culturally and technically.

  14. Shira Binyamini permalink
    August 27, 2012 11:28 am

    Modern, a concept that is meant to portray the developing of a nation, society or individual
    from past views or ways of functioning to a more sophisticated level. When it is said that a nation has not modernized or is backwards, society is stating that the nation or culture has not developed a higher level of functioning from the way they have acted or believed in the past.
    The modern world expresses that this group of people have maintained their old views or
    systems, such as limiting freedom of speech and restricting individual rights. Western society tends to shape how the modern world continues to develop and are the ones who set new standards of achievement and tend to claim who has not yet reached this level of sophistication. This is the reason why the “Western” have adapted the concept of modernity, because when they set greater accomplishment for their culture and society, they state who has remained backwards and has not yet modernizing.

  15. Caryn Rosario permalink
    August 27, 2012 11:47 am

    When I think of the word “modern”, I think of present day. To be modern is to relate to current history, norms in society, technology, and basic everyday life. Saying a society or nation is not modern interprets to me that the nation or society is not up to date with present day normalities. I believe the people of the nations or society decides what is modern. For example, the idea to create an iPhone rose and was completed. People began to use this device. They liked it word spread and now almost everyone around the world has an iPhone or at least is aware of what it is. Once a creation is introduced to the public that is in favor of their wants and needs, change comes and life advances creating modern day. The terms “western” and “modern” are ideally similar. In the west are where many advancements and opportunities took place so I can see the relation where many may think of western being correlated with modernity. 

  16. aaron ahdut permalink
    August 27, 2012 5:16 pm

    The word ”modern” means of or related to the present time or not so far back. When someone uses the word ”modern” it means that ,that specific place or area is ”up to date ” with ether technology , politically ,Sociologically ,Culturally ,philosophically ,Scientifically, or Artistically. When one country is behind in one or many of these aspects of modernity ,they would be considered not modern and therefor will be a third world country. My opinion about these aspects that determines modernity is that technology is the most important of them all, and if any place or country lacks the technology other country has, that in my opinion makes them not ”modern” to the present time

  17. Rehman Muzaffar permalink
    August 27, 2012 10:30 pm

    The word “Modern” usually means that something of the past has progressed through time. When speaking of a nation not being modern, we are referring to their advancement in technology, ideas, and other aspects of making a country strong such as its currency. That nation has either locked itself from outside intrusion or new ideas are not being tested. It is us the humans of the world who decide on what is modern and what is not, but it is only our personal opinion, to others things that I consider modern would be considered things of the past. Since the beginning, people of the West have the ones to come out with new things and take the lead in all different and important advancements, than other countries follow up.

  18. Norbert Fital permalink
    August 27, 2012 11:10 pm

    When I think of the word “modern” I think of up to date in terms of ideas and technology. Despite of what I think the word “modern” only appeals to people living in sophisticated parts of the world known as the West. When I think of a “modern society or country” I think of countries such as the U.S, U.K, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, Japan, etc… These countries are known to be filled with people who can wield the newest technologies and believe in modern day concepts. Technology is one of the main key points when it comes to “modernism” since modern societies have the ability to obtain it and use it for their uses. ”Non-modern societies” are the societies who do not have the option to wield such technologies, focus more on the things “modern societies” have an excess of such as food, water,… safety and other objects the a modern society takes for granted. The “Western” world and “Modernity go hand in hand since its is Europe and most of North America that set the standards of what appears to be considered modern in this day in age. Many of the non-modern countries to this day still have indigenous tribal people who have kept such traditions for thousands of years, and for that such country would not be considered modern because it seems the people of a modern society care little for such traditions and keep attempting to improve a “modern” person’s life with technology, living conditions, and ideas.

  19. Omar Algamoos permalink
    August 28, 2012 4:50 pm

    I believe the word “modern” means to be evolved and to be up to date with the way things are changing at the present moment; to be evolved in the sense of morals, education, thinking, laws, fashion etc. It’s the way society adapts to changes like the demands of the people, geography, climate change etc., which really tells you if a nation is behind in modernity or not. This means that being modern differs based on the region you live in, for an example, being modern in Yemen is different from being modern in America. You would have to have an experience of living in a non-western society or at least studied the history and geography of that society to determine if it is modern. There is defiantly something western about the idea of modernity. I think it’s because people love and prefer the concept of democracy, rich diversity, advancement in technology, weaponry, fashion, education etc. that western society has to offer or it’s just all about what nation has the most power.

    Omar Algamoos

  20. Vera Orlando permalink
    August 28, 2012 5:25 pm

    I believe the the word “modern” can be used to describe any advances related to present day, whether it may be advances in technology, culture, fashion, architecture, etc. The main reason for modernity is change. Throughout years, changes must be made in order to keep up with the new generations of people. I believe that new trends pick up in more advanced countries and sooner or later pick up throughout the rest of the world. Modernity is very often always considered a positive aspect considering there are advances being made to improve things. However, it is important to remember it may also lead to some sort of stereotyping. For example, if someone in today’s culture is not exactly up to date with the newest cell phone or electronic devise, it is almost as if they are inferior to those who do. The same goes for countries who are not as technologically and politically “modern.” The most important thing about modernity to me is to always consider the differences among others in different counties and recognize that modernity can have a different meaning to people all around the world. What is an advance to someone somewhere, may not be to someone else.

  21. Karina Casco permalink
    August 28, 2012 6:46 pm

    Modernity is not only determined by advances in technology, it is determined by advances in culture and changes in ideas. Over time, ideas evolve into new ones, and people’s actions may change. For example, in our modern-day Western society, it is no longer out of the norm to see an independent woman working as the main “bread winner” in her household, but years ago, the woman of the family was expected to be a stay at home mom., cleaning, cooking and taking care of the children. While this was a modern way to think then, the ideas have changed as time progressed. Modernity depends on the current ideas and actions of the people.

    Karina Casco

  22. Fuad Hamid permalink
    August 28, 2012 8:33 pm

    The first thing I think of when i hear “modern” is technology. The more developed countries in the world such as the United States are more technologically advanced than the rest of the world which I believe today is the most common characteristic of modernity. However, i believe that the most important characteristic of modernity is its social values. I believe that modern countries promote individualism whereas “unmodern” countries promote a little more collectivism. I believe that modern countries raise their children to build on themselves. “Education comes first; get a good education so you can get a good career; follow your interests, dreams; get married to whomever you fall for.” I believe unmodern countries raise their children to live for their families. Family comes first. If your family has a business, its your job to one day take over that business. Get married when your parents believe you are ready to get married and get married to some who shares your beliefs or to someone of the same ethinicity (stick to your own kind).

  23. Jotty T. Francois Fils permalink
    August 28, 2012 9:05 pm

    By using the word ” Modern “, we mean something new, it might be new culture,new thought, new technology. we can say that “Modern” take his sense from the word ” Ancient”. We know that something is new, up date when we compare it to what it used to be before. For exemple, if we talk about Modern technology, in the Middle Ages, we use to use telegram to communicate and now we have cell phone, email, skype. For transportation, we use to have horses and now we have car, plane…. it’s the modern world, it’s a change, an alteration from the ancient world.

  24. Jennifer Clavell permalink
    August 28, 2012 10:26 pm

    I guess the word modern would mean being able to keep up with time. Over time people’s views change so the community has to keep up with all the different ideas. At the same time, The United States is very modern because there is a large diversity of people living here. All of these different people use what they experienced in their countries to better their new home land. Other countries are not as modern because there is no diversity.
    The people determine what is considered modern or not. If the community or country can keep up with the changing ideas, then it is modern. At the same time as one country is advancing, another is not. So now that becomes the country who is not modern. Sadly the counties that are considered not modern, are the ones who are the minorities. So maybe there is something western about the term modern. Because most of its the change is coming from those who came from the west.

  25. Xiarra-Diamond permalink
    August 29, 2012 1:30 am

    I believe that everyones interpretation of the word “modern” is different. What may be modern to us ( members of the United States) , may in fact be behind , as well as possibly ahead of many other nations. There are many stems that can branch out from modernity due to the wide variety, such as Technology Modernity , Fashion Modernity , Music Modernity and So forth. The United States is a huge mixing pot of a variety of cultures , and people so who can determine if what your used to is modern or not. By all means there are no “Modernity Police ” or anything. Us as a people derived from all types of different clothing flare leg pants ; platform booties back in the day ; and trends come back. So all in all the modernity train is ALWAYS on the move , and waits for no one .

  26. Richard Cabral permalink
    August 29, 2012 3:23 am

    The word Modern is used quite useless and refers to a number of things.
    In daily life we see the word used to compare two things to one another, such as if one has the most recent ipod or even clothes. Showing that they are keeping up with the trends and times that are continuously changing. World wise when it is used to define nations, the bar that is set for other nations is usually the one that has the most power or extends its influence.Such as most of Europe in the past once did where various parts depending on the time period would be considered “Modern” over the savages of Africa, Asia or the Americas. Even now, North America can be considered “Modern” because of many factors, but in reality it is all about perspective. If the people think like that then it will be so, because to some degree almost ever culture out there could have said that they were “Modern” at some time.

  27. Shahid Khan permalink
    August 29, 2012 11:42 am

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of modern is the United States. The United States is a perfect example of modern country. US are more advanced in many things such as technology, new ideas, education, etc. than other countries. Not only does the US have better technology than other country, they are also more confident in their government and military. The word Modern means not living the life of an ancient world.
    I believe an individual who is highly educated determines what is or what is not modern. An individual who has knowledge know more than a community that still thinking like the old times. People who are highly educated have new ideas and learn from the past to make the future better. They are always creating new technologies and other things to make life easier. Westerns are more distinctive than other region because they are more like the United States.

  28. Winine Fu permalink
    August 29, 2012 5:44 pm

    The word “modern” means current and at this present time, but it has been used in several different ways. To some people the word modern may only apply for the past 3 months, to other within the year and even to some it may mean since technology has evolved. The real question is what does the specific questioned society of modernization have that other society may or may not have. Does having the newest apple product in that question society make it modern? In what means can we determine how modern a society is; by their clothes, technology, or by what they’re capable of producing? The meaning of modern doesn’t specifically specify as to what is consider to be modern. In terms to someone who has never had a piece of technology available to them modernization is what they don’t have or can’t have. To those who have lived around technology and the new socialization having the newest item in magazines may be the most modern. The word modern may be westernized due to the amount of predicaments people make of the United States. The amount of availability we have towards new items, new fashion, etc., the minorities may look at the word modern due to the availability of items offered.

  29. Ezra Pichotto permalink
    August 29, 2012 11:37 pm

    When I hear the term “Modern History” I immeditialy think of Western History, culture and goverment after the fall of the Roman epmire. I think that this is becuase we live in a “Eurocentric” world.” A few traits that we may associate with a culture which is deemed modern might be high literacy rates, low crime rate, high quality of life, long life spans, and with advanced technological developments. There is something extemly Western and European about this idea of modernity, this may be due to the facts that in the 15th century Europeans did try to come out of their dark ages and were in leaders in sea exploration, technology and philosophy. The “American Dream” of a dog, a car and a big house clearly illustartes the modernity of American socioty. Personaly I think that this is unjust becuse alot Eastern countries such as China and India have also been “modern” for years. We owe perhaps the biggest and most influentional invention of the past thousand years, gun powder to Chinease scientists, the number system that we use today can be attributed to Arab culture. European expansion can be attributed to the spices comming out from the East. I think that the criteria for modernity is determined by how good the quality of life of the citzens are, and that each decade brings in more advantcements then the pervious decade. A nother term for non modern or backwards countries is Third World cpunty. Many countires in Africa,and Latin America are third world and rely on aid from modern countries.

  30. Andrew Laperuta permalink
    September 4, 2012 10:57 pm

    The word modern defined as of Oxford Dictionary means to be relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the past. I believe that the word modern is thrown around today to loosly. In todays world everyone believes that modern is haveing the most advanced form of technology. Countries that do not have the same access to technology that we do would be considered by most to be “backwords”. But to these contries since they are not exposed to the technology advances like we are then they are probably fine with doing thins the way they do. i believe that all this technology is also bad for us because we have become dependant on it. For the next generation of kids technology will be the biggest part of there lives they will be super dependant on it and this isnt good because this doesnt allow anyone to actually put any effort into what they do anymore. it doesnt take to much to press some buttons so i believe that these so called “backwords” contries are actually more advanced than we are because they are able to do just as much as we are in more primative ways which takes more skill and thinking.

  31. Stephanie Tsoi permalink
    December 20, 2012 3:30 am

    There are many different meanings for the word modern. Not everyone can have the same definition for modern because something that is modern to me might not be modern to a person that is living in China. With these countries like Japan and China, they have a much more advanced technology than the United States does but when you compare United States technology with Africa, the United States would be more advanced in technology than Africa. The world we live in today is constantly changing everyday. It is just so hard for someone to be “modern” and keep up with the latest trends because these trends are changing everyday. So therefore in my own opinion the word modern means the present tense of the world that you are currently living in right now.

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