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Canada and Latin America in the Nineteenth Century

October 29, 2012

Juan Manuel de la Rosas (1793-1877) who ruled Argentina as a military dictator from 1829 until 1852.

Below please find a set of web questions about the political and economic development of Canada and Latin America in the nineteenth century, written by your classmate, Eymi Escobar. Remember to answer at least one of these questions with a response of a paragraph or more.

  • Why was Canada able to gain independence and become a unified nation without war?
  • Why was it so difficult for countries in Latin America to establish a stable and effective form of government?
  • What effects did foreign investment have on Canada and Latin America?  Why were they different?
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  1. Syed permalink
    November 1, 2012 1:03 am

    Canada was able to gain independence and become a unified nation without a war. They were able to obtain independence because they acknowledge the basic principle of freedom set by the British. latin American leader had limited knowledge of democracy. The Spanish and Portuguese colonial regime were much more authoritarian than the British. There was a lot of discrimination and inequality in the latin america. Native people had very little to say. Dictatorship also caused latin america an unstable and ineffective form of Government. British investment allowed the White Canadian live a better life even before the industrial revolution. “The National Policy” attracted a lot of immigrants, safeguard promising new industries using taxes, and established a reliable transportation system. Because of The National Policy canada encountered a successful agricultural, mineral, and Industrial production in the future. Latin american did not established industries as United states or Canada. Latin america was a comparably small market,on top of that Latin goods did not had a big market in Britain. Because of that British Investors were not encouraged to invest in Latin America. Investment in Canada and investment in Latin America were different because the investors wanted to maximize their profit and to do that they they invested in more in canada to enjoy much more income than they would have got from Latin America.

  2. Jotty permalink
    November 7, 2012 11:44 pm

    Despite the difference and divisions that exist between the two ethnic groups, the British and french Canadians, Canada was able to gain independence without wars. Fearing an U.S expansion about the chance of an invasion from the south,The British empire approve progressively on general principle the autonomy of Canada. In Latin America, the political system were unstable. This is due to their lack of experience with self-government since before their independence. Therefore,they jumped from one constitution to another. Leader struggled to create a mechanism of government.
    Canada has experienced foreign investments that promoted its prosperity. After their Independence,Canadians leaders still kept close relationships with British which Its investment had a great importance in Canada development. It helped to keep the colony stable and also give a high standard of living to the white Canadians. Also, The National Policy which is a program created by politicians Canadians in the idea to attract immigrants to Canada for the purpose of economic development and the U.S investment increased the prosperity of Canada whereas in Latin American, foreign investments had little influence. Instead of economic progress, they had more damage than did foreign investment in U.S and Canada. They had poor products and limited goods that didn’t really attract foreigners to make trade with them. Therefore, the investment of the British empire was more in their profit instead for the prosperity of Latin American. The investment were different in both country because Latin America unlike Canada didn’t promote industrialization.

  3. Richard Cabral permalink
    December 18, 2012 5:52 am

    Canada would gain Autonomy from the British however there was still a gap between the English Canadians and the French Canadians. This gap however would be overcome from fears about American expansionism in the south. Latin America had troubles from many reasons. Some stemmed from the fact that there was racial divisions in the societies. there was also dictators and large percentages of peoples outside of the system being oppressed. The effects of foreign investment played different rolls, in Canada it would use it to improve the peoples conditions and aid in construction. They would use the investments without it having take over too much of the Canadian shares. They would also use the money to increase agriculture. however it wasn’t as useful in Latin America because of the past that they had such as slavery, the Social system. Also any investments the British made would dominate the local market and occasionally run businesses out of work.

  4. Ebru Oktayer permalink
    December 19, 2012 6:21 pm

    The reasons for Canada’s peaceful independence was namely because the British did not oppose it. They slowly withdrew support and resources from Canada and allowed the provinces to combine into a Confederation. If they had attempted to do so without British support, they would have most likely been embroiled in war similar to that of the American Revolution.

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